Experienced CDM Partner

NE Climate is a professional partner in any stage of CDM project development and implementation from project idea to purchase and sales of credits.

NE Climate brings project management know-how and expertise in trading and risk management of Certified Emissions Reductions (CER) generated from CDM projects.

Dynamic Pricing 

Our associated company Nordjysk Elhandel A/S represents a large portfolio of active buyers and sellers of emission credits and on this basis provides customized pricing structures to accommodate individual risk profiles. Currently, NE Climate provides market-indexed pricing structures for CERs generated up to 2020. 

NE Climate · Skelagervej 1 · DK-9000 Aalborg · Denmark · Phone: (+45) 99 39 55 00 · Fax: (+45) 99 39 59 99 · CVR-nr. 34079145