Responsibility as an Asset

NE Climate is committed to the NEAS Group CSR policy. The policy prescribes that corporate responsibility must be an integrated part of all business activities. This dedicates the group's companies to improve their own social and environmental performance and innovate on the basis of responsible values. 

Corporate Social Innovation

Responsibility is a fundamental and natural element in business development and innovation in NE Climate.

NE Climate utilizes a globally increasing demand for climate change action and low-carbon development to provide project development and trading services in the CDM system.

We accumulate knowledge about responsibility through awareness of social movements and communication with our stakeholders. This in turn helps us to identify future opportunities and challenges, prepare the company for changes and exploit this knowledge for business development and innovation.
The boundaries of responsibility are constantly moving and constantly impacting on our business conditions and opportunities. The most important principle in our group CSR policy is  that integration of social responsibility as a fundamental premise in business development - making corporate responsibility an asset in itself.

Global Compact

NEAS group is a signatory to the UN Global Compact and has formulated the company’s CSR policy based on the ten principles for social and environmental responsibility stipulated in the UN Global Compact.

Read more about the ten principles in the Global Compact


CSR Policy

With the UN Global Compact principles as the point of departure, the NEAS group has defined a CSR policy, adopted by NEAS’s Board of Directors and applied throughout the company.

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